Take a trip to the Moon...

I love going into schools, meeting readers, teachers and librarians, and taking everyone on a trip through the solar system and my experiences writing Moondust. I'm passionate about science (in particular space and the environment) I think it is one of the coolest and most exciting subjects you can study. I combine this with creative writing in a talk that puts the wonders of science and technology against the wonder of creating a fantasy world all of your own.

Expect Ice-canoes, real life Death Stars, Moon murders and much more!


My talks include insights into my writing process and the journey of Moondust as a novel, the influences and inspirations from that journey (a whistle-stop tour of some of the coolest moons in the solar system), an introduction into the world of Moondust (including a cautionary tale of an energy crisis that we might one day have to face), and my top tips on creating a 'no rules' imaginative fantasy world of your own through creative writing. 

My talks last for 1 hr approx.,  including time for questions. 


I offer a 30 minute creative writing workshop that encourages students to let their imagination run wild and create exciting, original fantasy worlds of their own. 

In groups, students will be given a series of world building prompts that contain random locations, situations, objects and characters that can be put together to create a 'fantasy world premise.' I'll then go around the group encouraging chat about the characters and stories that those randomised worlds could inspire. 

I then ask the groups to write a 200 word story inspired by their prompts. 

The workshops tend to be quite energetic, but the stories that come out are brilliant and encourage students to forget the rules and write about whatever it is that genuinely inspires them.


Please get in touch via the CONTACT page for my rates and charges. 

(All charges are in line with the Association of Authors recommended rates)



"That was awesome.  I haven’t stopped smiling yet.  It’s moments like this that makes me love my job."

Anne Smy, Librarian, Brentwood County High School


"Gemma's talk was so inspiring. Her enthusiasm and passion for space shines through, encouraging the audience to listen and ask questions. Gemma was a joy to work with and we are looking forward to welcoming her back to Brentwood for future school events, as well as the Brentwood Children's Literary Festival in the summer."

Natasha @ Chicken and Frog bookshop, Brentwood


"Gemma's event was educational, engaging and inspirational for our children. She was more than happy to answer all their questions – no matter how crazy! Lots of our students left feeling ready to realise their dream of becoming an author, and watching them fight over books was an absolute delight for teachers."

Zoe Skipworth, Southfields Academy